MegaCon 2

MegaCon was great! I had a blast shopping at all the different vendors, I definitely left with a lot of loot. There were amazing cosplayers and tons of great artists. This is one of the few events where I can truly enjoy being submersed in the many different facets of nerd culture. I only wish I could have spent the whole weekend there. Next year I will for sure. 

There were a few’s including my self, here we are having a fun time taking some pictures. It’s so great when people jump in for pictures when it fits the theme! 

Here is some of the loot me and my boyfriend got. There were so many great vendors. Some of my favorite purchases were a beautiful set of black and red metal dice from Norse Foundry, a pint glass that works as a D20 from Screech Dragon Studios (the more you drink the higher you “roll”, this will add a new layer of fun to some the DnD adventures my group has), two custom paintings from one of those 3 minute spray painters that had a booth, and some beautiful chocolate truffles made by The Truffle Cottage in the shape of a mix tape (peanut butter and chocolate flavored) and then a set of 4 decorated with the elements from Avatar (4 different tea flavors. 

Me and my favorite R2D2 ❤️

A group photo of some other overwatch cosplayers! 

Mercy doing a team resurrection! 

Me and my boyfriend (going a sleepy Reapy)

A great tracer cosplay.

I found an Ana! 

This incredible Hanzo cosplay, although I have to say this isn’t the beginnings of a good team comp ;p 


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